6 things to know about us


We are as much artisans as we are strategists. We are somewhat practitioners; doers if you will. We love to get our hands dirty.


We’ve been around for a while. For over 15 years in fact! While it seems meaningful, we don’t talk about it too much. What we are doing next matters more.


We believe the separation between strategy and design is an artificial divide. While we often discuss brand strategy in isolation, it is hard-wired into every creative decision we make.


Don’t call us miracle workers. We’re a very humble group and so it’s a term we aren’t too fond of. To us, it suggests a formulaic, proprietary (often trademarked) process. Each project – each new client – presents a new challenge. Dealing with these challenges is more about discovering a new path than relying on what we did before.


Did you know we’re based in Toronto? But much like the cosmopolitan city in which we live, our team hails from all corners of the globe. As Canadians, our outlook is inherently international. We are the perceptive outsider looking in. We like that! Our location allows us to build relationships with clients, whether they are across town, or across the globe.


We’re really great listeners. Everything we do starts with truly understanding our clients, the challenges at hand, each other, and the world around us. But we don’t listen passively. We constantly question our clients’ assumptions as well as our own.


Just some, but not all of what we can do...

Design for Print

Specializing in artwork design for print from business cards to large signage, vehicle wraps and everything in between. We are also partnered with professional printers and installers nation wide.

Website Design

We create impactful websites that get noticed, from simple landing pages to complex sites. But that's not all, we are also partnered with knowledgeable professionals to create and maintain the backend of things like SEO and SEM.

Video Editing

From simple social media video clips to editing videos, our team of experts can create the perfect marketing content that gets noticed.